Sunday, April 17, 2011

Memphis might upset SA, NO maybe just got lucky in LA

In the last few games in the season, both San Antonio and LA Lakers shows some signs that their Championship dynasty might come into an end. Both teams had losing streak and some key players got injured. I was not surprise about the Memphis defeating San Antonio. What surprises me is NO defeating LA without David West. SA is more vulnerable with the Memphis just getting stronger closing the season.
The Griz split the season series into 2-2 and just acquired the veteran player Battie which lift up the Griz in dying seconds. Battie is the only remnant on Griz lineup when they played in the Playoffs. Through the acquisition of Shane and Tony Allen, they also got the toughness of the playoff experience of these players.  Not only the Spurs, they are very much capable of defeating the champs (LA lakers). They had solid players in every position.

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