Sunday, April 17, 2011

Jimmer, the underrated superstar.

Jimmer Fredette might be the biggest risk in the draft since many scouts criticized him to be a big bust like Adam Morrison who was picked 3rd overall. They compare his skills to Eddie House of Kyle Korver, an average role player which has great touch from beyond the arc. Despite of leading the ppg stat and astonishing range, the scouts are still doubtful that his magic will work in the NBA. Scouts find him terrible on the defensive ends.

What draws the attentions of many is Jimmers ability to score from 4pts field (almost from half court). He surprises the opponents by suddenly firing a three point shot unguarded. As a defender, who would think that he will shoot it and make it in that distance? But Jimmer is so accurate in making that kind of shot having 40% from beyond the arc and almost 8 attempts per contest which made him the top scorer in NCAA averaging 27.9 a game. Shooting is not the only thing he can do, Jimmer have this ankle breaking skill.

Although tallying those impressive stats, he lingers in top 10-15 in draft list or 4th-5th best available point guards behind Irving, Walker and Knight. Jimmer is different from other guards for he likes handling the ball all the time. It’s like picking him falls into just two scenarios, a bust or a jackpot. It would be a bust if Fredette don’t find his place in the team; probably he’ll be toss at the corner of the bench. But picking him in 10-15th pick and some scale him in 20th; but if he plays like he deserve to be in top 5, Jackpot! Just like Kobe Bryant who has been picked 13th overall.

He plays like a superstar in college and if he continues to perform what he does best in the NBA, it’s like a team drafted an instant superstar. That’s where the problem occurs, when a team already has their star or “go to guy”. He’s like a Gilbert Arenas who’s not effective under Howard and Nelson in Orlando. Jimmer can not step down into a role of supporting player thus in this upcoming draft, he is perfect for a rebuilding team. He’s the type of player who needs to be supported. Who else know he might be the next Steve Nash.

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