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NBA Draft 2011 Bold Predictions and Prospects

1st pick Cleveland Cavaliers

It seems that Cleveland will pick PG Kyrie Irving out of Duke as #1 overall. But many believe that it should be Derrick Williams and some compares Williams to LeBron. Nobody is so sure till the draft day comes. Cleveland probably wants to rebuild a team through point guard. Cleveland still has the 4th pick thus they are pretty confident about the #1 overall pick.

Possible picks:
• PG Kyrie Irving, 17.5 PPG, 52.9%FG, 46.2%3pt, 4.3 APG
• PF/SF Derrick Williams 19.5 PPG, 59.5%FG, 56.8%3pt (1.9 3pt attempts/game), 8.3RPG

2nd pick Minnesota Timberwolves

During the lottery of the draft, when the Cavs won the 1st overall, Wolves envy the pick since they badly need it to pick Irving and eventually the Cavs announced that they most likely pick Irving. This is the most complicated pick since the next best available pick is Derrick Williams which is playing PF of SF, both position are already filled by Love and Beasley. The Wolves are grateful after Ricky Rubio agreed to play next season in Minnesota. Now they need a dominant Shooting Guard but the draft class doesn’t offers much talent on SG position. They might trade this pick to fill the holes in the roster or if they choose to keep it, probably it would be Derrick Williams which might be dealt after picking him or Enes Kanter which will replace Darko’s Place in the rotation.

Possible picks:
PF/SF Derrick Williams, Enes Kanter

3rd pick Utah Jazz

Utah is closely watching the Wolves’ pick. Is Derrick Williams is available, they will never think twice to grab him. If else they possibly pick Brandon Knight which will address the problem in their roster which is lacking of back court forces. This could still be change if they fall in love in Enes Kanter at the same time Fredette, they still have the 12th pick to choose Fredette for their backcourt need but it would still be a risky move for Utah since both these players projected as not a safe pick.

Possible picks:
PG Brandon Knight 17.3 PPG, 4.2 APG, 4.0 RPG
PF/C Enes Kanter
PF/SF Derrick Williams

4th pick Cleveland Cavaliers

On this pick, if the Cavs choose Irving as #1 pick, probably they are eyeing for a big man whom the Cavs thinks a good duo of a guard and big man team. At this time, Enes Kanter might still available but another big man named Jonas Valanciunas is whom the Cavs love to see to play with Irving in a new Cleveland team. This could be the scenario if this pick will not be traded. If ever Derrick would slide to top1 pick. They might go after for Knight or Kemba Walker. Some thinks that it would be a better move for the Cavs.

Possible picks:
PF/C Enes Kanter,
C Jonas Valanciunas
PF Kenneth Faried

 5th pick Toronto Raptors

The Raptors still after for Williams and there are rumors that they are willing to give up deRozan to get number 2 pick. But if they fail to do so, perhaps they’ll going to choose one of the international prospects. It could be Kanter if they are lucky enough to catch him late, but Toronto focus on upgrading their defensive capability in the presence of a dominating pure center like Valanciunas. But don’t be surprise if ever they suddenly grab Kemba Walker.

Possible picks:
C Jonas Valanciunas 7.7PPG, 5.8RPG, 70.8% FG
SF/PF Jan Vesely,
PF/C Enes Kanter,
PG Brandon Knight

6th pick Washington Wizards

This team already made a step on rebuilding through getting rid of Arenas but they still have to get rid of Lewis and it will never be simple. Wizards are one of those Williams’ stalkers. Beside Williams, they probably try to land another international Prospect named Jan Vesely. Vesely able to prove his worth at Euro League and this is his chance to make name in NBA. Like Williams, Vesely could play two positions, PF and SF.

Possible pick: SF/PF JanVesely 10.1 PPG, 3.6 RPG, 66.3% FG

7th pick Sacramento Kings

The King’s basic concern is at point guard position. Some one who is pure ball handler who could run the offense to take that load from Tyreke Evans thus He plays pure shooting guard. While they are uncertain that Dalambert would be back for them as he hits free agency, the Kings might pick a big man. Speaking of rebounding, there’s a prospect which has the ability to rebound the ball well at SF position. This pick might be Kawhi Leonard’s sneak to the top 10. He is compared to Gerald Wallace who was drafted also by Sacramento.

Possible picks:
• PG Kemba Walker 23.1 PPG, 4.3 APG, 5.2 RPG, 42.6 FG%, 35.8 % 3pt
• PF Kawhi Leonard 15.5 PPG, 10.6 RPG, 44.4% FG

8th pick Detroit Pistons

The Pistons are now in a rebuilding mode since they have young and full of potential players like Greg Monroe, Austin Daye and Jonas Jerebko. Detroit shows interest to Brandon Knight but at 8 he’s might not available anymore. It could be Walker but they also love to land some international prospect like Donatas Motiejunas, Jonas Valanciunas and Enes Kanter. But lately a strong prospect out of nowhere named Bismack Biyombo which is compared to Ben Wallace defense is projected to be picked by Detroit.

Possible picks:
PF Bismack Biyombo,
PG Kemba Walker
PF/C Donatas Motiejunas

 9th pick Charlotte Bobcats

Another rebuilding team is the Bobcats which has two 1st round picks, trying to make a steal in the draft at 9th pick. Charlotte is in desperate need of a scorer who could help Jackson carry the scoring load and also eyeing for someone who can rebound the ball. Possible pick for Charlotte is one of the Morris twins who both show decent scoring average and percentage while making their presence felt in the pain grabbing more rebounds.

Possible picks:
PF Marcus Morris 17.2 PPG, 7.6 RPG, 57.0%FG, 34.2% 3pt.
PF Markieff Morris 13.6 PPG, 8.3 RPG, 1.1 BPG , 58.9% FG,

10th pick Milwaukee Bucks

“Burks and the Bucks” sounds like a well fit to the team as Milwaukee look to shop players who could score at SG or SF position as Micheal Redd a candidate to exit the team. Being dead last at scoring as a team, Bucks on desperate need of a scorer that could shoot accurately. In could be Alec Burks turn or Tristan Thompson.

Possible picks:
SG Alec Burks 19.5 PPG, 6.2 RPG, 44.9% FG,
SG Klay Thompson 21.4 PPG, 5.1 RPG, 4.0 APG, 44.3% FG , 41.3%3pt

11th pick Golden State Warriors

Biendris is on his way out and probably the Warriors look to aid the hole with this pick. Maybe they will try their luck with Bismack Biyombo if the Pistons will pass on him. If else they will try to land the other Morris twin. If ever the rumors about Ellis to be traded to Philly for AI, when Biyombo will not be available, they might pick a replacement for Ellis. Klay Thompson is one of the best available in that position.

Possible picks:
SG Klay Thompson,
PF Bismack Biyombo,
SG Alec Burks

12th pick Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz will base their 12th pick on whom they chosen in 3rd pick. Jimmers name has been lurking around in this pick. It will be Fredette if the Jazz didn’t grab knight in 3rd pick.
Possible picks:
PG Jimmer Fredette 27.9 PPG, 3.5 RPG, 4.3 APG, 45.5% FG, 40.4% 3pts
13th pick Phoenix Suns

Many believe that the Suns is the best place for Jimmer but the Suns is behind Utah on picking Jimmer. Phoenix must wait for the Jazz to pass on picking Jimmer at 12th pick to grab Jimmer. The Suns needs a scoring force badly and a successor of Nash at point guard position which some believe that Jimmer is similar to Nash. If ever they fail to land Jimmer, possibly the Suns will chose on of the Morris Twins.

Possible picks:
PGJimmer Fredette,
PF Marcus/Markieff Morris

14th pick Houston Rockets

This summer Yao will be Free Agent and it’s not clear if he’ll be back with the rockets. The biggest concern of the rockets is at Center position since they had undersize players of Scola, Hayes and Patterson fill that spot where Yao was supposed to be.

Possible picks:
PF Marcus/Markieff Morris,
PF/C Motiejunas, Valanciunas
PF Kenneth Faried

15th pick Indiana Pacers

The Pacers shows interest in drafting Jimmer. They badly need another scorer beside Granger. Fredette already worked out for Indiana Pacers but there are two other teams ahead of Indy that might pick Jimmer. The Pacers want to draft a PF since they want to put Hansbrough back to the bench since they don’t have forces in that area.

Possible picks:
PG Jimmer Fredette,
PF Marcus/Markieff Morris
PF Tristan Thompson

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