Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cleveland Cavaliers, can be good as OKC next season?

The Cleveland cavaliers appears to be the worst team not only for this season but in history after setting the record for the longest losing streak. They are devastated without their hero LeBron James. Lebron’s not only the teams super star but he’s the league’s back to back MVP thus the Cavs fall from last years best win-loss record to one of the most terrible this season(2010-2011). Not only losing James but losing the veteran center Z. also early in the season the Brazilian big man Varejao had a season ending injury to make matters worst. It seems the Cavs been so unfortunate this season and the team looks forward to rebuild the team after trading Mo Williams to the Clippers for guard Davis and a 1st round pick.
Almost all the remnants of once a great team are gone and having two possible top 10 picks is the best way to start a new beginning. There are several players that have been viewed by scouts as number 1 pick unlike the previous NBA drafts which players like John Wall, Blake Griffin and Derrick Rose rules the top spot, the upcoming draft(NBA Draft 2011) seems very interesting since the current top 5 pick can go number 1 overall. The Cavs is second to the highest percentage in winning the top pick in NBA lottery draft and the other pick is in the top 10. Players that are prospected to be in the top 10 can really aid a struggling team.

Cleveland can find replacement for Lebron in players like Derrick Williams, Perry Jones and Terrence Jones, an ideal primary player which will be the core of a rebuilding team. It would be great if they are able to draft Derrick Williams, a player which is explosive, athletic and having high percentage field goals. He is also capable of knocking down 3pts, having over 50 percent in his stat from beyond the arc. They also might have supporting players in their second pick. There are couples of players to choose like Brandon Knights, Kemba Walker or Jimmer Fredette in point guard position or have a replacement for Z in picking Jonas Valanciunas or Enes Kanter.

Like the OKC, since Allen joined Boston, the Thunders (formerly Seattle) finds a franchise player in picking Kevin Durant and in the very next season, they drafted Durant’s supporting player, Westbrook. After 3 seasons OKC already made it to the playoffs and gave the defending champs (Lakers) a tough 1st round series. The Cavs could be as competitive as the Thunders after 2-3 seasons if they have the right picks. They are not far from what happened to Oklahoma with having a young, athletic and talented team.

If they are lucky to select Derrick Williams and Brandon Knight or Kemba Walker, they already have a solid starter, Varejao in the middle, JJ Hickson and Williams at forward and Parker and Walker in the backcourt. The Cavs may shop some players in free agency for the SG position since there’s no solid SG in the upcoming draftees. Aaron Afflalo, Jamal Crawford, OJ Mayo and Jason Richardson might be available in the market this summer which might seal the missing piece for the Cavs to continue their greatness. If Derrick is not available, probably the Cavs will go with Irving. Kyrie Irving is on of the prospected top pick. The Cavs can afford to select a player at any position since almost all of the positions need to be upgraded. They might let go of Davis since if they wish to have much younger line up with Irving starting the point. There are bunch of talented international players in the draft that might still available for their second pick. If the Cavs will be able to find players that could produce 15 points per contest and improve their rebound stat, Cleveland can be a playoff team in short period of time.

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